Trade Moulding

Trade Moulding is a service provided by Melba Swintex, offering the ability to manufacture products in large quantities via a variety of methods, with high quality and precision in mind. At Melba Swintex, we pride ourselves on our trade moulding facility. With enormous experience, technical know-how, and state of the art large capacity machines.

Past Projects

The following images represent examples of past work that have been successfully completed by Melba Swintex for other companies.

Blow Moulding

Melba Swintex have one of the largest technical blow moulding machines in the UK, currently available for trade moulding possibilities, plus a diverse range of other blow moulding machines to suit the required product.

Compression Moulding

We have been compression moulding for a vast number of years, and have probably the most advanced machinery in the UK, combined with the most experience in production and design.

Intrusion, Injection & Rotational Moulding

We have huge expertise in these areas again in both production and design.

It is clear that a lot of potential customers would like to manufacture here in the UK, so why not contact us and see what we can do for you. With competitively incredible quality, and the possibility of a huge saving on transport.

Knowledge & Guidance

Years of experience contribute to a vast knowledge of the manufacturing industry. If you have a product, or an idea, but do not know what step to take next, then our knowledge and expertise can guide you in the right direction. In house design and testing can ensure your product meets all required standards and expectations.